A tool to design, fit and render BRDFs

BRDFLab is a modular system to design complex bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDF). The system handles BRDFs defined in a variety of forms (analytical models, measured data, and simulation data), allows to display their shape, perform fitting, and rendering with different lighting conditions.


Display - Allowing to display Analytical, Measured, and Simulated BRDFs

Simulated BRDF Simulated BRDF Measured BRDF Analytic BRDF Model Analytic BRDF Model

Fitting - Fit from any BRDF to an Analytical model

Fitted White diffuse bball BRDF from the MERL Library Fitted Green Plastic Paint BRDF from the MERL Library Fitted Blue Metalic Paint BRDF from the MERL Library Fitted Blue Metalic Paint BRDF from the MERL Library

Rendering - Real time rendering with point light or environment map light sources

Point light rendering of measured data and analytical models in real time

Fitted maroon plastic measured data from the MERL Library Fitted Blue Metalic Paint BRDF with Point Light source Point light rendering of the aluminum measured data from the MERL Library

Environment map rendering with any analytical BRDF model

Fitted Blue Paint from MPI database Fitted Ford F8 Paint from MPI database Fitted Green Plastic material from the MERL Library Fitted Blue Matte Paint from MPI database

Coming soon! - GPU Simulations - Next releases will include GPU Simulations, look at some of the new features

Subsurface simulations Surface simulations Height field simulations


Some of the BRDFLab features:

  • The ability to deal with Analytical, Measured, and Simulated BRDFs.
  • Display the shape of any BRDF as a function of the incident direction.
  • Fit from any BRDF to a combination of Analytical models.
  • Point light rendering of complex objects directly with the measured data, or analytical models.
  • Environment map rendering of complex objects with any Analytical BRDF model.


An overview of some capabilities of our system can be download here (New videos are coming soon):


BRDFLab version 0.5
Windows binaries. Requires a Nvidia 8000 Series or higher Graphics card. If you have problems running the program, update the Graphics drivers to the last version, and if this does not solve the problem, write me at afores AT .

The source code is available on the SourceForge SVN, check them out with:

svn co brdflab


The avaliable documentation at the moment is part of my Master Thesis:



University of Central Florida Universitat de Girona Geometry and Graphics Group Adrià Forés Herranz - afores 'at'
Sumanta N. Pattanaik
Carles Bosch
Xavier Pueyo


The software is developed with encouragements and guidance from Prof. Holly Rushmeier. Partially supported by grant TIN2007-67120, MICINN.